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This is a website of Tomi Uurainen. I live in Finland. I go to work, just like regular people. I do different things on my free time. I collect things. I create things. I do what seems to interest me the most. Things like that. I also have city named after my last name here in Finland.

I don't like to take selfies or pictures from myself but i do own a capable device for it and occasionally take some other pictures. I like music, all kinds of music with a catchy tune. I play games, i create levels for them. I run gameservers and manage a website dedicated for them. I even got sick and survived from cancer. I've lost some of my relatives, just like anyone else. We're all human but still i miss them. 

Also kind of private person. Saying anything more would be violation of my own principles so i leave it to this. 

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