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This website surfaced officially for the first time on summer 2003. Before this, starting since as early as 1999, there were several versions on different places untill i decided to register my own domain. 

Back in the day, it was very common to create new website with new information time to time. That trend has now passed. These days, there are only web portals, social media sites, and so forth. Old times are gone. People don't make sites anymore themselves. No more html code writing. I even used to write my own code for the site. These days, i urge to use editors. Internet has developed in 17 years - a lot. Writing my own website by code seems akward now.

Yet this site remains, mainly for my own use. There's not else to it but it's still here. I said it. It's done. I'm proud of it. Below there's some old layouts of the website that i seem to have archived for one reason or another. Even a "selfie" included!

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